About Space Grid

Real comfort, visual and physical, is vital to every corner of your living space

Principal Architect

Harsh Vardhan Khaitan

His versatile and unique balance in design brings alive spaces with functionality and style. He infuses his experimental approach to create intimate yet Stylish projects. His innovative and unparalleled ideas create exemplary spaces. He has handled a variety of projects including residences, showrooms, offices, retail outlets and guest houses. He is keen on combining his attention to detailing with intricate component for each of his creation.

Principal Architect

Abhishree Banka Khaitan

She is a landscape designer who believes that through landscape design one can put human activities into beautifully created areas which are an extension of natural patterns and forms. She strives to connect the open and built form into integrated spaces, thus offering a holistic approach towards designing, planning and usage of landscape areas. For her each site defines its identity through its physical form, its circulation design, and its surroundings. She handles every component of design stages from concept visualization to execution.

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Uniqueness Is At The Core Of Our Services

Space Grid Architect is an architecture & design studio in Guwahati, and founded by Architect Harsh Vardhan Khaitan. The firm has constantly evolved its design practice with project of wide ways, scales and prospects. The research & design process relies on extensive brainstorming coupled with out of the box and innovative approaches. We promote modern contexts, functionality with the twist of indigenous materials and forms.
From planning of residences, guest houses, showrooms and enhancing the landscape of the spaces, we have ventured into interiors, architecture, planning and landscaping aspects of various projects.
We aim to accentuate the simplicity, the purpose, the natural qualities of spaces to amplify the beauty & clarity in detailing each form. We are a one stop solution for architecture, interior as well as landscape layouts.